nodeview description missing


I recently added a view to my component and now I get the following error message:
CODING PROBLEM Missing or surplus view description

My first idea was to change the xml description file, but that didn’t resolve the problem.
I added the following in the .xml file

"Don’t know how to show XML code here… Please see source of this thread."

GBrowse view

In the factory file I have the following code calling the view:

public NodeView createNodeView(
final int viewIndex, final GBrowseGetFeaturesNodeModel nodeModel) {
return new GBrowseView((GBrowseGetFeaturesNodeModel)nodeModel);

I couldn’t find the relevant information on this web-site.

Can you please assist?



Views, similar to ports, start with index “0” and not “1” in the XML description file. Changing that should solve your problem.

Yes, that makes sense… sorry for that one…