So i’ve stumbled on to a reason as to why in the beginning, and even now (relative beginning) i am struggling with certain aspects of Knime. Primarily in finding the tools i need or working the configurations.

Nomenclature. The naming of tools and config labels is often vaguely indicative or wholesale misleading, not using what is pretty standard vocabulary.

For example. Union = Concatenate or in the BigQuery tool dataset = schema

Any thoughts?

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I think you are somewhat correct.
Some nodes like the Union=Concatenate example are not that great :confused:
However I guess now renaming them would be even more confusing to the users who learned which name to search for :slight_smile:
Maybe they could add tags to the nodes, so that the node will at least popup when searching for union etc

*But I think it is not always easy to give a short and discriptive name for functions (or in this case nodes)
Best example would be your naming of this topic as “nomenclature”… as a non native speaker I would never have guessed from the topic name what it is about - which I guess they somehow have to consider as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a solution would be to let users add tags to nodes, which are shared between the community which can then up/down vote the weighting used in the search :thinking:


also while beeing on the topic of searching… i also think the search should at least suggest uninstalled nodes as well :confused:
E.g. when searching for “regex” it should have a greyed out suggestion for qqilihq-regex nodes… like hey maybe that will also help you :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there,

@Gavin_Attard don’t remember having such problems when I was starting. On contrary I remember being surprised how easily I managed to find nodes I was looking for in Node Repository. But guess it is depending on background and what are you used to…

@AnotherFraudUser like your idea regarding nodes tags! And for search with uninstalled nodes included there are search View that make it possible :wink:


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@ipazin What search views do you mean?
The only thing that would come to my mind is nodepit/knimehub :thinking:

Hi @AnotherFraudUser,

those are the ones I had on mind.


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