Nominal row filter - Exclude headers from pagination

Hi friends
I would like a help with Nominal row filter.

I have a csv file, separated by PIPE, and I need to do an ETL to upper the headers.
The first steps I managed to complete without problems. The problem is in step 5

1° Step Exclude first rows using CSV reader configuration.

2° I went to the tab “limit row” and change to 5

Now I achieved what I wanted. But…

Scrolling down, see that I have missing values ​​and my file has pagination. The pagination point is very important, and we will see later.

4°I used a Row filter node to exclude missing values


5°Now I only have the headers pagination to be excluded.

I used another Row filter


Results successfully

When a use a nominal row filter: see that the pagination headers appears. I don’t know how to adjust anymore.

I want to create the nominal row filter configuration and I don’t want these headers options to show up.
Does anyone know if it can be adjusted?

Sample.TXT (56.2 KB)


node before nominal row filter.


Hi friend.

It worked.

Thank you.

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