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I want to use the "Nominal Value Row Filter" to select values from a String-Column Table.

Problem is, when I connect the node to the input table (which just has one column containing strings, see first attachment ) it gives the error "No nominal columns with possible values found! Execute predecessor or check input table.". See attachment 2.

If I use another table with string columns, it works fine but not with the one I want.

Can you please check why it doesnt work for the input table I use?




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I think there are too many values in your column. Try to put before, your nominal value filter a domain calculator node adjusting the restrict number of possible values option.

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Thanks for the quick help, I got 83 values (rows), is there a magic number (42? ;-) ) for the maximum number of different values allowed?


No there are not try to think what is your maximum number of values or enter 9999999

for my example, "60" still working but "61" rows/"distinct values" not.

Or you could try a groupby on your column then a table dimensions node then put the number of rows of the groupby table in a variable and pilot the domain calculator option with this variable but it seems a little bit complicated for your goal.

The key is in the magical number “60”. It seems to be the default limit for some nodes (like color manager). The trick is to insert a “Domain Calculator” node after the “list files” node and set the limit about the maximum number of rows that is read by the “list files” node.

Note that this can impact performance.

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Thanks for sharing the results of your investigation.
I can’t understand why this is not documented. Let’s consider your implementation fits the limits accidentally until something happens to your source data and you suddenly end up with errors you don’t have clue where they’re coming from. I’m pretty sure this kind of behavior always must be documented!


Hi there @jan_lender,

this is documented in some nodes (Interactive Value Filter Widget node and Table to H2O for example) and there is already a ticket to add this information into Nominal Value Row Filter/Splitter nodes.

Additionally this is very well documented on this forum :slight_smile:


Hi Ivan,

It’s good news you’re solving this.

In relation to what you wrote about documentation on this forum, this forum is highly helpful. I got an answer or solution in almost all cases I had created a new topic. I like the community here and skilled forum-members ready to help - including you. But what I want to point to is many users look for a solution in the forum, not for documentation. Honestly, I don’t believe that forum, although very helpful in most of the cases, could substitute documentation.

Regards, Jan

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Thank you @azijlstra for your hint on the Domain Calculator. It really helped and made me able to process much more than those 60 unique items in my Nominal Value Row Filter.