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I’m working at a not-for-profit and have been using KNIME for some research. I’d like to share my workflow with a colleague, which I think requires a server licence. I noticed on the pricing page it says
Academic and non-profit licenses are available for teaching and research purposes upon request.

I’ve got in touch with the email address, but I haven’t heard back. Does anyone know if this still exists and if there is a process to request access?

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Hi Mel,

That’s odd. When did you send that email? It hasn’t gotten through to me yet. And given that I am responsible for the Educators Alliance, your request should end up with me.

If collaboration and workflow sharing is your sole use case at the moment, I would suggest that you register for a free team space on KNIME Community Hub (select the respective option in the Main Interest dropdown). This will allow you to invite your colleague to your team and share a private space.

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Thanks so much for coming back to me quickly Stefan - emails sent in on 26/10 and 7/11. I’ve registered on the website and received an email to say my request will be reviewed in due course.

Thank you so much!

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