NOOB Question: How to "unpack" / reverse a component

Hello all
I have mistakenly made a component in my workflow. I wanted to organize my workflow and learned now that I should have used a meta node instead.
But now I have a part of my workflow in a component - since I am planning to actually make a data app and need to structure the entire workflow differently (as some essential widgets are outside of the component), I am trying to reverse the process and " unpack" the content of the component back into my workflow. How can I do that?
I could copy all nodes inside the component and paste them back outside of the component and make the connections again, but I hope there is a more elegant way…

Thanks for helping out!

Hi @Cal_Steffen ,
To unpack or bring the component or a metanode to an uncollapsed state, right-click the component or metanode and select Component → Expand component or Metanode → Expand metanode in the context menu.

Here’s the components guide for you to have a look as well:



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