Normalize and sum of two similar matrix

Hi, I'm beginner of knime. I want check similarity between two or more record of dataset. The problem is that a subset of attribute are categoricals and another subset are numerics.

I thought: 

The dataset is compared with cosine similarity for categoricals attributes, on the other hand, numerics attributes of each row is compared with euclidean distance. And so I have two distance matrix one in cosine and one in euclidean.

Now, how I can normalize and sum two distance matrix?


Hi Toni,

did you already see our distance matrix plugin? There is a node, called the Java Distance, which allows you to define you own distance. Second there is also a Aggregated Distance with which you can combine two distances into one.

Here is the blog post which we published together with those extensions.

Does this help?

Cheers, Iris

Ok thanks but How normalize  two distance matrix before aggregate with "Aggregate Distance"