"Normalize Plates (Z-Score)" node formula

Dear all,

i am using the “Normalize Plates (Z-Score)” node, robust method to normalize my screen data. I chose the robust method, which should be the following formula:
x.zscore = (x – median(x[subset]))/mad(x[subset])
Since for robust z-score calculation, the scale factor 1.4826 is used to put the MAD on the same scale with standard z-score. I am wondering the definition of the formula here, if the mad(x[subset]) already multiple with 1.4826 or there is no scale factor in this node, then I need to add a extra node math formular to divide all normalized robust z-score by 1.4826 to bring the robust z-score to same scale as standard z-score.

Thank you for your answer


This is a source code

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