Not Able to get the Oracle-Driver with the ojdbc7.jar


i have a client were i want to test knime for the first time, so bare with me...

In my client i already have the Oracle instant client in x86 and x64 (I use this for the ODBC-Access of the target-database with excel). So i find in my files the ojdbc7.jar for this access already.

Then i enter the Databasedriver with this jar in the Dialogue into the preferences. But still in the databes-driver dopdown-menu it will not show me the oracle-driver and entering the string:

the Console always says:

ERROR Database Reader      0:1        Execute failed: org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingsException: org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingsException: Could not find database driver "com.vertica.jdbc.Driver", reason: com.vertica.jdbc.Driver

as i can not choose here the correct driver (please see attachment).

Would it be asked to much to have a video or animated gif on how to implement this for a newbe like me 0:)

By the way: I would like to see already prepared ODBC-Sources to have available as a datasource without much programming-effort. IT would help alot.

You are using the wrong preference page. Use KNIME->Databases instead and register the Jar file there.

Using ODBC databases from Java is complicated because Java doesn't support ODBC natively any more. There may be some third-party drivers that you can use.

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Hello Thor,

thanks, this has helped!

This is just a note or comment I want to share with the Knime community. A colleague and I have spent hours trying to get the ojdbc10.jar driver to work for Oracle after just installing Knime on a new WIndows 10 computer to no avail. Then we tried ojdbc8.jar and this worked fine! We could not get ‚Äúoracle.jdbc.OracleDriver‚ÄĚ to appear as a selection in the Connection settings tab when using version 10. By the way, to make it easier, remove the ojdbc10.jar file before using the ojdbc8.jar file. For some unknown reason, we found that the latter version 8 only worked after removing version 10.

Hello hanspeterusa,
the ojdbc10.jar file requires Java version 10 and above whereas KNIME Analytics Platform still runs with Java 8 which is why you need to use the ojdbc8.jar file. Sorry for the inconveniences. We will update the documentation accordingly.