Not able to mount endpoint. No RestPoint found error

Hi Team,

Previously I had mounted few server in Analytical Platform. But now I am facing issue in mounting the server

I am not able to mount server in Analytical Platform.

My Colleagues are able to mount the same server in analytical platform.

By Default the Authentication Type is set to Credentials, How can I change the Auth type?

Can someone please help me to mount the server in Analytical Platform

Analytical Platform Version - 4.2.2.

I am not able to update the credentials. How to get the Authentication type dropdown back?

the auth type field is greyed out so that i am not able to enter the user name and password

Hi @mathi,

we removed the option to test username/password while setting up the mount point because it is simply not needed to configure the mountpoint. Regarding the connectivity problem I’ve sent you a mail for further troubleshoot.

Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

Thanks for your response.

I had fixed this issue by adding the related certificate to analytical platform.

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