Not able to read some text file in new file reader node.

I have some files in text format that contains tabular data (delimiter " | ")
In the old file reader, I had a problem loading data in a delimited format ( can not load full data), as shown below.

but I found solution for this, I will not delimit data and load data fully

and then use following node

But with the new File reader node, I cannot load data without a delimiter.

kindly guide me if I am doing it in the wrong way!

Hi @ganeshpawar, if you are wanting to read in the whole line at a time, ignoring any delimiters, are you able to use the Line Reader node instead maybe?


Looks like you need to check the box “Support short data rows” to get this to work


@takbb Thank you. It worked.

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@Daniel_Weikert Thank you, But it eliminates some data.

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