Not all rows are covered in JSON


I have a problem with downloading data via API.
I always work with excel file previously downloaded from URL. Now I want to upload the file automatic.
My URL generates JSON which includes 10 rows, but in the end of JSON I have such record: “record-count: 82”. And really when I download data manually I get 82 rows.

So, why my JSON give me only 10 rows? Where is another 72 rows?

P.S. I used Ungrouping node. And after that I receive only 10 rows… Instead 82



Hi @KhrystynaKMI,

Any chance that the API is limited to 10 entries per request? In that case, you’d have to loop over the API resource until you have retrieved all entries. This is pretty standard behavior for many APIs. Usually, the response also contains some indication for how to get to the next batch (i.e. page2 or something along those lines)

Hope that helps!


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Hi @RolandBurger

Yes, API is limited to 10 entries per request.
Do you have some examples with loop? Where I should put loop?

It is my workflow…