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It is possible to get my workflow to give me a push notification before running a certain part of it. For example, I want one part of my workflow to return a blank output (meaning there nothing I have to fix and I can proceed) before running a second part of the workflow.

Would there be a way to get a notification after running the first part of it, asking if I want to proceed with the second part? So I could say no don’t run the second part, if I have some results that need to be fixed in the first part?

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with the plain Analytics Platform I don’t think this is possible. On KNIME Server you can run a workflow in the WebPortal and prompt the user for input before proceeding to another step. In the Analytics Platform the only solution that comes to my mind is to use the Breakpoint node to let the workflow fail if the user has not given a response yet, so that they are forced to make an input in a widget or configuration node before proceeding.
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Hey @austinbauer,

I’m not sure if this is getting at what you’re asking but, my colleagues and I (using KNIME Analytics Platform) use a combination of Breakpoint nodes and/or Empty Table Switches in combination with Java Snippets to notify of a workflow problem and actually stop the workflow from executing.

For workflows that we have automated through .bat files we build the logic to break or stop the workflow and then rather than a Java Snippet popup message we send an email that notifies us where the workflow broke/stopped.

I am happy to provide more examples/details if you’re interested


Depending on where you want this notification to be displayed, it seems like you could implement this via the Java Snippet node if you’re comfortable writing Java code.


Yup! That’s the code I posted above with the image showing an example of where the snippet might be placed in the workflow.

D’oh - you’re exactly right! I blame exceptionally weak coffee this morning :- /


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