Now available: KNIME Business Hub 1.10

Hello Everyone,

We’re happy to announce the release of KNIME Business Hub 1.10, designed to help organizations govern their analytics better and share insights with end users more easily. Here’s what’s new:

  • Group sync with SCIM

Automatically sync groups from your identity provider to Business Hub teams. Changes on the identity provider side will reflect in Business Hub, making it easier for IT to onboard a large number of users.

  • Job instrumentation

Get an aggregated record of every single job executed on Business Hub including deleted jobs. Business Hub now retains every record for a 30-day period by default, which you can configure as needed.

  • Job viewer

Inspect and debug jobs in read-only mode directly in your browser, without going into KNIME Analytics Platform.

  • Scalable data app sharing

Share data apps at scale via a special link that lets end users run them without the need to login.

Upgrade to the latest version through your KOTS Admin Console.

The Business Hub 1.10.0 changelogs list all the changes in detail.

The KNIME Team