Number count in a cell

Hello Ivan,

thank you for your help. It works and it is quite easy and useful. Can you give me another advice please? How to count amount of number in cell? Between numbers are commas. There should be plenty of numbers, one number with NO comma and empty field with NO comma as well. I prefer no java node. I am not a programmer…

Numbers amount of numbers
443,80,8080 3
443 1
empty 0

Thank you very much.


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Hi there @sm0lda,

glad it helped. I moved your question to new topic as it is not related to original post. If I got you right this function in String Manipulation node should do the trick:

countChars ($column_name$, “1234567890”)


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Hi @sm0lda -

Here’s an example workflow that should get you started. You may need to tweak it depending on how empty ports show up in your data set. There are other ways to do this, but hopefully this helps illustrate how a few different nodes work.

2020-02-10 10_12_19-KNIME Analytics Platform

2020-02-10 10_13_56-Group table - 2_320 - GroupBy (Count ports)

CellSplitUngroupExample.knwf (10.2 KB)

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Hello @ScottF your solution works well. Thank you for this!


So I didn’t get you right but glad @ScottF did :sweat_smile:

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