Number of threads

Hello, sorry but I’m new on knime. I really can’t understand what the number of threads is and what is the purpose of selecting it. Could anyone please help me?
I also have another question, what’s the difference between ditsims, no ditsims, no wiki etc (StanfordNE tagger)?
Thank you very much!


Hi @chiara01-

The number of threads refers, roughly, to the amount of CPU resources you are dedicating to a particular process. So if you have a beefy machine and your workflow is running a bit on the slow side, you can increase the the number of threads to improve the performance.

On your other question about the Stanford NLP tagger models, you can refer to the node description panel for a brief summary of what each option does. They vary based on the number and type of classes they were trained to predict, as well as the dataset used to train them. (Distsim refers to distributional similarity; models with this feature often perform better, but take more memory to execute). Additional detail is available here: