O365 Excel: The resource you are attempting to access is locked

I am constantly getting this error lately and wonder if others are seeing the same thing. I use O365 and SharePoint exclusively as my working filesystem, and haven’t had issues like this for the last year.

I frequently create new files on SharePoint via KNIME, and then open them for review on my desktop. I close the file and then try to append/edit the file via KNIME, but the file is showing as locked in SharePoint. The only resolution is to hard delete the file on the SharePoint web interface (triggering “the file is is use by someone…are you sure you want to delete it?”).

I can’t tell who or what process has the file locked for editing…my local Office installation or KNIME somehow.

This is constantly happening to me and really slowing my work down. Is this happening to anyone else recently? I am using Knime desktop v4.4.4. Thanks!

I have 4.5.2 version and having the same problem. I don’t know but it seems a Sharepoint synchronization problem. Some times, when I open the new excel file it has the previous version.

Yes, I see the same old versions sometimes too.

It’s as though you have to safely get through the first manual open and close, then the file will work forever. But if something goes wrong on that first view, the file is ruined and I have to manually delete it.