OAuth2 Authenticator (Client Credentials) with Request Body

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I am having an issue using OAuth2 Authenticator (Client Credentials) to retrieve a token from by provider.

The provider-specified server details are as follows (obfuscated):

• Resource URL: https://token_provider.com/v2/token
• HTTP Method: POST
• Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
• Response Format: JSON

The curl command works fine:
curl -d “grant_type=client_credentials” -d “client_id=AAAA” -d “client_secret=BBBB” -d “scope=this_scope” https://token_provider.com/v2/token

As does postman when I specify body request parameters:

However, when I try use a OAuth2 Authenticator (Client Credentials) node (below), I get
“Execute failed: Could not retrieve access token (unsupported_grant_type - no message provided” .

Postman failed when I used query params and only worked using body key-value pairs. So I am wondering how to do the same thing using the KNIME node.


This is weird. I just created a Request bin at requestbin.com and used that as my token endpoint to capture what KNIME sends. I see this:


so the grant type is definitely sent. Can you do the same both with Postman and with the OAuth2 Authenticator and compare what arrives at the server? Do not use your real credentials, as this is a public service.
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