Object Inserter: Invalid settings

I am trying to configure the Object Inserter node under the network mining group

It gives me the following error message when I select a column for “second node id column” in the Options tab

Invalid settings:
Second node id column requires either edge id selection/creation or direct linking

I am getting the same message with different tables.

I downloaded a workflow from https://kni.me/w/vJDACZji7OWZjtsj
I works well out of the box, but when I try to recreate the workflow the Object Inserter gives me the same error message

What am I not doing right?
How do I solve this problem?

Hi @sdfungayi,

I assume you selected “direct linking” in advanced settings but did not provide an edge id column. Can you check and adjust settings, e.g. to use the row id as edge id?


Hi Marten

Thanks for the reply

  1. I assume by “advanced settings” you refer to "Advanced Options, in which case I do not see the “direct linking” option, so I cannot proceed
  2. I downloaded and installed this workflow - https://kni.me/w/vJDACZji7OWZjtsj - by @tobias.koetter and it works fine out of the box. I then downloaded the two data files for the workflow, and tried to recreate the same workflow using the configuration in the original workflow but I get the same error message at the Object Inserter

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