object 'object' has no attribute 'dtype' with DL Python Network Creator


Getting the below error:

ERROR DL Python Network Creator 4:233 Execute failed: type object ‘object’ has no attribute ‘dtype’

Knime Version used: 4.7.0

I have Python 3.7.3 version installed in my machine

Any solutions/workarounds please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Gopal,

do you have a minimal workflow example, so we can reproduce the issue?


@gokarana_1977 you could take a look here

Hi Steffen,

PFA workflow which may help you to reproduce this issue
SimpleCNN.knwf (14.4 KB)


Hi Gopal,

ok, I will need more information.

  1. Could you provide the KNIME log around that error (View -> Open KNIME log)
  2. Could you show me the content of the used environment? In a terminal, enter conda activate <name_of_your_environment> and then conda env export

Best regards

Hi mlauber71,

My numpy version is : numpy 1.21.1 (Checked from PIP list).

Still getting the same error as “ERROR DL Python Network Creator 18:7 type object ‘object’ has no attribute ‘dtype’”

At any cost I want to run this node without any issues and check Deep Learning Neural network scenario.

Any technical help/support/call support is really appreciated from KNIME team.

Thanks & Regards,

@gokarana_1977 my recommendation would be to check this article and the examples linked and see if they could be brought to work on your system. Then you will have a basis for further research.

Concerning deep learning and image detection you might want to test this adapted example and the provided conda environment propagation and see if this might work (you might want to download the whole workflow group).

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