Obsolete API Key support for Google Authentication (API Key) node

This node desperately needs to be updated to support JSON key formats. P12 keys have been deprecated by Google, and use of JSON keys is highly recommended:


We recommend that you use JSON (.json) private keys to activate service accounts. JSON private keys do not require the special crypto library explained on this page. To create a new JSON private key for a service account, follow the steps in Authorizing with a service account. For steps to activate the service account with the Google Cloud CLI, see gcloud auth activate-service-account. The rest of this page isn’t applicable if you use JSON private keys.

What are the plans to update this node to support current API key standards and recommendations?


Hello @RNovak ,

thank you for your post!
We do have an existing feature request for precisely this same issue. It is designated AP-13850, and (among other improvements) it requests supporting new API files (e.g. JSON) and not just the older p12 format.

I have added your +1 to that ticket.

May I ask which scope are you trying to use with the Google Authentication (API Key) node?
(I leave this here maybe it is a help for you or others who are trying to use the Google BigQuery Connector node. You can use instead the regular DB Connector node, in which you can set the parameter via the JDBC parameters tab to point to the JSON file. You still have to set the parameter with a path to the JSON file, but it should work.)



Thanks for your response.

Right now, we are only connecting to BigQuery, but we have potential use cases for Sheets and Drive.

Indeed, we discovered that the generic JDBC DB Connector could be used with a little extra manual config. However, it would still be very useful if we could use one API Key node to manage credentials config at a single point within a flow.

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