obtaining the version of a shared component used in a workflow deployed to Knime server

Folks, we have multiple workflows that use common shared components. We want to ascertain whether all server-deployed workflows use the latest version of a shared component. Is there a way to read this level of data through the rest API or some other means?

Hi @kalimist

In the KNIME Server configuration, there is an option to force every workflow that is executed to use the current version of a shared metanode/component:

com.knime.server.executor.update_metanodelinks_on_load=<true|false> [RT]
Specifies whether component links in workflows should be updated right after the workflow has been loaded in the KNIME Executor. Default is not to update component links.

This will not change the workflow itself but ensure that the job will use the current version.

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Thanks for your reply. So even though I have workflows that are consuming a shared component which has been updated, the workflow itself has not manually been updated and when run it will use the “older” version of its shared component. But with this setting you mentioned the workflow will be forced to use the latest version of a component even though if it was executed manually as a job from the server UI it would still use the older version of the component. Sorry if that is a bit mangled. So essentially by using the above setting I would not need to manually updated my workflows to use the latest version of their shade components?

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Your observation is correct. The workflows themselves will not be updated so they will still contain an “older” version of the shared components, but this setting ensures that during the actual execution the updated version of the shared component is used.


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