Off-by-one error in Row Filter node when using row ranges with variable override

I think, there is a problem with the row filter when using variable overrides to specify a row range. Here is a short example:


This is a simple little table and I filter rows two through to four. The result is as expected*.

Now, I simply override the range limits in the row filter with some variables, which have the same values, two and four respectively. But now I get:


Please note the subtle difference. This happens on KNIME 4.0.2.

  • To be honest: I’d rather have here a left-closed, right-open intervall instead.

PS: I’m sorry if this is not the right place for bug reports. But my google-fu was weak and I didn’t find a link to a bug tracker of sorts.

I’m pretty sure this is a known bug going back to the early days of knime - behind the scenes, the row indices are 0-based, but I think the thinking was that a 1-based numbering would be more intuitive to users, and so the displayed value in the node settings is actually the stored value + 1. You can see the offending source code here:

I think that is unfortunately one that has been there so long that it is not going to go away because it would break too many workflows


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Well, then it should be documented at least in the node description, should it not?

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Good idea - I’m going to tag @thor here (not sure who is the best KNIME team member for enhancement suggestions?)


Hi there @MeikelBrandmeyer,

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As @s.roughley said this is a known bug and I have added +1 to it. Additionally to mention new Row Filter node is planned that will also take care of this issue. In a mean time I will check about adding this info to node description.

Edit: Created a ticket to add this information into node description.


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