Offer of a helping hand


   I was working previously on a similar tool (called HiTS) more then a year ago (at Trinity College Dublin). It looks like I will have some time to work on it again (in August or September), but not much, so if you think there is anything that might be useful to update, further develop, adjust to the HCS tools that would be a great help how to know whether you are interested in cooperation and what are your priorities. If you have questions, please ask.

Thanks, gabor

PS.: I no longer work for TCD, so the imaging part will not be updated because the lack of input data. But the data analysis I think might worth updating (biomaRt, cellHTS2) imho.

Hi gabor,

I think the plate heat map viewer you developed is very nice. A simple change that may make it more valuable is a control that makes it easier to select a plate to display when there are many plates (e.g. hundreds). A slider control makes plate selection easy when there are a few plates, but difficult when there are many. Perhaps a combo box with type-ahead feature would be a good solution?

Thanks for the nice suite of nodes; job well done.

Good idea, I will implement that one. Thanks.