Offering a Web Service Platform similar to Deepnote and Datalore for KNIME

Hello KNIME,
I have been using KNIME for quite some time. Even though my role is more managerial, I have greatly benefited from the KNIME Analytics Platform. Inspite of limited knowledge of SQL and Python, KNIME has helped me create workflows that helped in manipulating data to help gain insights and information as well as develop prototypes that I can handover to my team for development.

However, I recently came across Datalore and Deepnote. I like their idea of building integrations with various services very similar to KNIME. I also liked their web interfaces even though, I feel that KNIME’s capabilities probably tend to be superior.

However, it would be great if KNIME can also offer a similar web-based functionality to their product so that we don’t have to download a workflow every time we want to study or refer to the inner workings / configuration. There have been moments where I am browsing or searching for specific ideas and downloading workflows multiple times makes it a bit cumbersome.

I would also love to have the capability of connecting to cloud computing (and pay-as-you-consume) in case one wants to access a more powerful setup for some of the workflows or projects. This would be very similar to Google Colab’s pay-as-you-go offerings. As I am using KNIME in my personal capacity, I did review the team plan but, it was probably too expensive especially since I am not someone who is continuously using the platform.

I am sharing this feedback in case the KNIME team might be evaluating any specific commercial offerings for freelance professionals who might be a team of one and might be looking for a pay-as-you-go cloud offering for KNIME services.

Best Regards,

Hi @nilotpalc ,

thank you for the detailed feedback. It is reassuring that your expectations meet with some of our goals. The Team plan is one step in this direction and we are working on additional offerings for more user groups. As you noted correctly, KNIME does not run as a pure web platform yet. We recently released the Job Viewer (see KNIME Community Hub User Guide ) to KNIME Hub, which is a first outcome of our efforts towards enabling the editing of workflows in web browsers. As you said, there are use cases where the installation of software/download of workflows is a hurdle. For these use cases we envision web-based workflow editing as a complement to a locally installed KNIME Analytics Platform. While progress is ongoing, enabling sufficiently many nodes to make it a valuable alternative is going to take some time. We definitely are going to keep the community updated.

Thanks again,