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Hi everyone, Is it possible to download nodes, components etc in a manner that allows them to be installed in an offline mode.

The problem i have is that on the machine running Knime it can not install any external software when connected to the local network. What i need to do is down load installation files then log off from the network - sign in as a local administrator ( which is isolated from networks inc internet ) install the software and then reboot back in as the normal user.

I can not drag from the hub and drop onto a workflow either as that is also blocked,

Thanks for any ideas

Hi @mgirdwood

The easiest solution is to:

  1. Install KNIME and all the plugins you need in a different computer (with same OS) which has on-line internet connexion,
  2. Zip the KNIME installed folder using for instance the 7-zip file archiver,
  3. Copy the zipped file into the machine that is offline and then unzip the archive file with the same 7-zip utility.

The copied KNIME version should be compatible with your new machine and work as if it was installed on-line on the off-line machine.

Hope it helps.



Thanks Ael for the quick reply - Trying it now,

Do you know if this is possible with community Components and Nodes also? not sure if the nodes are already included in the extensions


@mgirdwood my pleasure :slight_smile:

Anything that is installed in the first PC should work off-line in the second two. I believe community Components and Nodes too for the simple reason that one should be able to continue to run any KNIME workflow or node/component independently of whether the PC is online or offline. Only nodes requiring access to the internet, for instance to access a web site or use an API, obviously cannot work.

In the case of components available on the KNIME hub, they should work but will not be updated if new versions are available in the HUB.


You don’t need any Administrator privileges in order to “install” KNIME Analytics Platform. You can simply download ZIP archive, extract it and then start the application. Then you can also install/update extensions as a normal user from the Internet.

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