Offline update: where to download the full package?

I would like to know from where I could download the files like: I mean, the whole update that weights 3.88 GB.
It’s impossible for me to get trough the proxy, so this type of files provides me the easiest way to update.

I had tried looking at that file with no luck at:

Thank you.

you second link contains

'Alternatively, the KNIME update sites can be downloaded as a zip file:

KNIME Analytics Platform: download KNIME Update Site
KNIME Store: download KNIME Update Site’

This links directly to the download of the update site. However, this is the most recent one so for KNIME 3.5.3.
If you specifically wanna use the update site for KNIME 3.5.2 you have to go to:

At the end of the KNIME SDK table you can download the update site.


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