Ok and Execute and view Button in configuration mode (suggestion)

It would be great to have button “Execute + View” when configuring the node - i always have to save the changes to configuration, execute it and afterwards click “Table view” to view the results - it will speed up significantly reconfiguration of nodes and checking the results.

Hi @zarniak -

As an aside to your suggestion, have you tried using the Node Monitor to speed up the view of tabular results? We talk a little bit about how to enable it, and how it works, in this recent blog post - check the section How to Monitor the State of a Node.

This is already possible with shortcuts.

If you press CTRL + OK in a node dialog, the node will directly execute after closing
If you press CTRL + SHIFT + OK in a node dialog, the node executes and open the first outport view.

thanks a lot - shortcuts are working great, even in combination ctrl + shift + enter :slight_smile: that’s great!

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