Olap engine


I am a knime newbie.

I would like to know if knime as an olap/hypercube/mdx engine inside.

Or if it can simulate it with a sql server or if it can use an external one.




Hi Mario,

KNIME has no OLAF engine itself, though it'd be a nice feature to have in the web portal at some point. However, combining it with third-party OLAP engines is fairly easy: use KNIME to populate denormalised star schema warehouse tables and place an OLAP cube on top - done. Or, at smaller scale, throw single denormalised tables at Excel (with or without PowerPivot) or Spotfire/Tableau/QlikView, and get much of the same result.


Ok but how can I visualize data from olap cube?


I mean for example how can I connect to Mondrian to fetch data to visualize using Knime?


I recommend you to try the forum search for this - there were some previous posts about OLAP connectivity with appropriate JDBCs, though I believe none were explicitly reporting back a success story. 

On the other hand it may be just as easy to connect to the underlying cube databases through regular JDBCs, thus circumventing the need to (and convenience of) interfacing with the cube model as such.


I have finally made knime working (gtk3 problem, now in faq).

Can you suggest me which transformation you would use to build a denormalised star schema from sql data?

Just an hint so I will continue myself.


Thanks again,