OMSSAAdapter error

Hi I got error about OMSSAAdapter. Does it mean i don’t have right version installed? But I can’t find the version 2.6.0 of OMSSA.
ERROR OMSSAAdapter 3:3 Failing process stdout: [Warning: Parameters file version (C:\Users\chuli\knime-workspace) does not match the version of this tool (2.6.0)., Your current parameters are still valid, but there might be new valid values or even new parameters. Upgrading the INI might be useful., Progress of ‘OMSSA search’:, Error: OMSSA problem! See above for OMSSA error. If this does not help, increase ‘debug’ level and run again., Note: This message can also be triggered if you run out of space in your tmp directory or (32bit OMSSA only) OMSSA ran out of RAM because chunking was not used (that’s the default) or ‘chunk_size’ was too large (>30k). Look above!, OMSSAAdapter took 13.79 s (wall), 13.72 s (CPU), 0.53 s (system), 13.19 s (user); Peak Memory Usage: 41 MB.]
ERROR OMSSAAdapter 3:3 Failing process stderr: [‘C:/Program’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.]
ERROR OMSSAAdapter 3:3 Return code: 9
ERROR OMSSAAdapter 3:3 Execute failed: Failed to execute node OMSSAAdapter



I think the problem is that KNIME is installed in a path with spaces i.e.,
C:\Program Files…

I recommend moving it to C:\ or C:\Applications\