On windows we get "this app can't run on your pc"

Knime will run on our windows server after installation but when we start from a command prompt after a while we start getting this error (“this app can’t run on your pc”) and have to reinstall to fix it. We have tried all the compatibility settings and user account privileges without success. Any thoughts?

Hi @cstewrun and welcome to the forum.

Can you provide some additional information here? In particular, what version of KNIME Analytics Platform are you using, and on what specific operating system?

Also, what is the command that you are using to start the application from a command prompt? Does starting the AP in the normal manner, via the GUI, exhibit the same behavior?

What specific error messages are you seeing? It sounds like the one you mention is a Windows error, but is there anything also recorded in the knime.log file?

Thanks for replying Scott, appreciate any help you can provide.

We are running Knime 4.7.0 on a Google cloud vm Windows 64 bit server 2019 Datacenter edition.

Knime has always started in GUI mode for the last few months. Once we started testing starting our project from a command prompt that is when the issues started. After a while the error starts and the gui will not start either. We re-install each time and that fixes the issue. We are running as administrator and have looked at many threads for this error but nothing seems to keep it from happening again after some number of commandline starts.

When starting, we change to the Knime install directory then evoke it this way:
C:\Users\cstewart\KNIME\knime.exe -consoleLog -nosave -reset -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflowDir=“AnswerTextAnalysis”

Is there a way to see the log from outside of Knime? We usually view the log in Knime GUI and once errors start we can’t see it. The “app can’t run on your pc” message is all we can see.

The log file can be found in your workspace directory, at /.metadata/knime/knime.log. Possibly there could be a clue there. You might also check the directory permissions for both the workspace and the KNIME executable folder as well to see if something is wrong.

Beyond that I’m afraid I can’t provide much more insight. My apologies, but while KNIME Analytics Platform can be run in “headless” or “batch” mode, troubleshooting that isn’t something we can provide support for on the forum.

Perhaps some of the community experts will have some additional suggestions.

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