I spend a lot of time wrangling the MOSAIQ database to report out clinical data relating to patient care for the purposes of retrospective clinical reporting of treatments & outcomes, machine learning, and automated data input.

I was wondering if there are others out there in the same circumstance, using the MOSAIQ Oncology Information System and wanting to be able to pull data for re-use.

I have done a lot of work on getting Diagnosis, CarePlan, Radiotherapy, QCL and Follow Up data right. I still struggle with Chemotherapy issues as well as Documents. So help there would be good. Happy to share my knowledge and workflows.

I am also looking to produce a Yearly Departmental Report from these analyses using a R Markdown to DOC approach. This is some way off, but if there is interest from outside, I can share fake spreadsheets for testing purposes.

If you contact me here, we can take it offline.


Tags: oncology, OIS, MOSAIQ, Elekta, Diagnosis CarePlan Radiotherapy Chemotherapy, Follow Up


Sounds like an interesting project! I will say I haven’t seen a lot of discussion about MOSAIQ on this forum, except for threads you have already been involved in. But maybe if you can contribute some example workflows to the KNIME Hub, that would spark a more detailed conversation?

You are right of course.
I will provide nodes, context and sample inputs for various components. Even if my stuff works, I know that it is inefficient.
Got a suggestion for a banner title?

Maybe “Accessing Data from MOSAIQ for Oncology Analyses”? You could create a public space on the Hub specific to this purpose, and collect your various workflows there. Definitely include tags on the workflows too, that will help people find your material more easily when they search.

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