One Column, 100 rules, String Replace

I need to edit tens of thousands of lines of text.
There are more than 100 rules, and after making the rules into a table, I want to solve them through a concise loop.

Below are some samples and the result I want to get

Source Result

(A)_naem#1 name#1
BR_name#2 name#2
GR_name#3 name#3
name#4_LNT name#4

Hi Alex, Column Expression can be used to populate multiple rules in one node. I would try 3 rules and see if they produce the output you expect. Here is an example workflow.

If this does not help, please attach a workflow and some sample data (even fake data is fine) so we can investigate your issue further. Thank you!


If you know all the rules, you could try rule engine dictionary and avoid using loops


I tried using the loop statement as shown below.

(upload://a7jM74fztP8EoV2IpTCfB1hEnMz.knwf) (13.5 KB)

The result is that it is repeated as much as the size of the column, and string replace is only partially applied.
I also tried “Recursive loop” and got similar results.
Rule Engine cannot be used because it cannot replace string.

I found the answer.
I solved it with the link below.


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