One Date Missing

Hi Knimers, I created this simple workflow KNIME_date_range_test.knwf (19.0 KB) to enlist all 10 days of dates that come after the starting date, with the starting date included in the list.


As you can see, there is one missing date in the list which is May 7th 2023.

Any ideas on why this occurred?

Hi @badger101

That is because in the Create Date&Time Range the number row is configured fixed (10). Make it >10 and it works . Create a time difference column and use the difference in days as a flow variable to control the numbers of rows.

gr. Hans


Hi @badger101

Alternatively, you can opt for an interval of P1D. This saves you from having to introduce additional nodes. As per the example below, where the only thing I changed was the end date, the node generated all days correctly accordingly directly.


Thank you @ArjenEX , that simple trick solves it!

And thank you @HansS because you explained why my workflow didn’t work.


I guess 1D should also work

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