One to Many Node

I am new to Knime. I have a table with some data from vehicle diagnostics.

2120021A587478 101381872 2130_95062A
2120021A587623 260684420 12257_P244A00
2120021A587642 486463426 2132_B21DE71

In this table, I intend to add columns equal to the number of values in ECU_FC column with every value as header of newly created columns. I have done this in IBM SPSS using SetToFlag node. The desired output from SPSS is as shown below.

FIN WS_ID ECU_FC 2130_95062A 12257_P244A00 2132_B21DE71
2120021A587478 101381872 2130_95062A 1 0 0
2120021A587623 260684420 12257_P244A00 0 1 0
2120021A587642 486463426 2132_B21DE71 0 0 1

In this table every entry in ECU_FC is transformed to a new column. And a flag is set for these values (1 for true value and 0 for false).

I wish to do a similar operation in Knime. So I came across the node One To Many. The input to this node is the data table shown above. In the settings, I select the column ECU_FC in the Include option. When I try to apply these settings I get an error as 'column: ECU_FC has no possible values'.

I also tried to add the Domain Calculator node before the One to Many node but no success.

It is a relatively simple operation, but I seem to be missing something here. I would be very thankful if I could get any help regarding this. Thank you.

Regards, Rohit

Try pivoting node

You will get this message if there are more than 60 unique values in your column.  You can get rid of this problem by using a domain calculator, and unchecking the box in the configuration dialog to restrict the number of unique values.  Do be mindful with this node though, as we store table domains in memory, so if your column has many unique values (for example a primary key on a very large table) you may run into problems. 


Thank you for the inputs. The One To Many node just did not seem to work out with everythign i tried. But Pivoting node did the job just right. Had to add another extra column for aggregation though before the Pivoting node. This new column had a default value of 1. And aggregated this with ECU_FC and got the desired result(well almost).

Thanks again.

Rohit :