Online Course: [L2-HA] KNIME Business Hub Administration

This course shows you not only how to work with KNIME Business Hub but also dives into the tech behind it.

Learn about the Business Hub architecture and get an overview of a Hub installation and configuration as well as best practices for troubleshooting and monitoring. This course goes on to explain the key capabilities of the KNIME Business Hub from a user’s and administrator’s perspective.

This is an instructor-led online course of 5 x 60 minutes sessions run by one of our KNIME solution engineers.

Session 1 - Key Features & Roles
Session 2 - Global Administration
Session 3 - Installation & Architecture
Session 4 - IT Administration
Session 5 - Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Hi @hayasaka, where is it possible to sign up for the course? I did not see the course in the list of instructor led courses available on KNIME Learning Center | KNIME. I am particularly interested in learning more about the architecture of KNIME Business Hub. Could you kindly point me in the direction of relevant resources?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @apaul , thank you for your interest on our KNIME Business Hub Administration. We are in the process of publishing this course on our company event page, but the course is open for registration already. Please use the following link to register:


Thanks a lot the swift response, I’ll look into the course!

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