Online Course: [L3-DA] Productionizing Data Apps

You have developed a nice data app with KNIME Analytics Platform. What are the next steps to productionize it? In this course we will show you what to do to get your data app up and running, including: testing, deployment on KNIME Business Hub, permissions & versioning, custom styling, orchestration, and more.

The course includes sentiment analysis workflows that can be used over any type of text, and a “what country has this flag?” game that is implemented as a data app. Besides learning about data apps in KNIME, you will have multiple workflows that can be adapted to your needs by the end of the course.

In the first session of this course, you will learn what needs to be checked before deploying a data app on KNIME Business Hub. In the second session, you will be introduced to KNIME Business Hub — including how to upload workflows and deploy them as data apps or workflow schedules. Next, in the third session, you will learn how to create interactive data apps that can be deployed on KNIME Business Hub and made available as web browser applications. Finally, in the fourth session, you will learn about runtime optimization, workflow orchestration, and general best practices. We wrap up in a fifth session with exercise solutions.

This is an instructor-led course consisting of four, 75-minutes online sessions run by our KNIME data scientists and solution engineers. Each session has an exercise for you to complete at home and together, we will go through the solution at the start of the following session. The course concludes with a 15 to 30-minute wrap up session.

Session 1: What happens after the prototype is ready for deployment?
Session 2: Introduction to KNIME Business Hub
Session 3: Data Apps
Session 4: Performance optimization, orchestration, error handling
Session 5: Optional follow-up Q&A (15-30min)

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