Online Course: [L3-PC] KNIME Server Course: Productionizing and Collaboration

Course Focus

This course dives into the details of KNIME Server and KNIME WebPortal. Learn how to use KNIME Server to collaborate with colleagues, automate tasks, and deploy KNIME workflows as analytical applications and services. Specifically, learn how to share workflows, data, and components with colleagues and among different functions within the company. Learn how to set access rights on your workflows, data, and components, execute workflows remotely on KNIME Server and from the KNIME WebPortal, and schedule report and workflow executions.

This instructor-led course is run by one of our KNIME data scientists. During the course, there’ll be hands-on sessions to practice working with KNIME Server.

If you are interested in signing up:

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I am not able to login to the Knime server after I changed my password!

could you please assist!


Hi Ahmed, I’m just seeing your note. Let me see how I can help. I’ll get back to you!

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I’ve responded via mail. Please let me know in case login still does not work for you.

Best regards,

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Hi Marten,

I am able to access the Knime server, thanks for your fast response.


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Hi Marten,
I am running Analytics Platform behind a proxy and when I try to execute the uploaded workflow on the Knime Server I get the following error message:

An internal error occurred during: “Upload of 01_data_mining_CS to aws-train-server:/L3-PC KNIME Server Course - Productionizing and Collaboration/Solutions/Uploaded Workflows/01_data_mining_CS”. cannot retry due to proxy authentication, in streaming mode

Can you help?


Hi @enr0c,

did you already configure the proxy settings via Preferences → General → Network Connections?

If it still does not work after providing proxy and authentication information, please let me know.

Best regards,

Hey Marten,
yes the proxy is working. I can install extensions via knime sources for example.


Hi, I have a simple component with a refresh widget. The component runs on my local laptop.

When I use the refresh button I got a never-ending update. Am I doing something wrong?

thx, Ralf

I have exactly the same problem locally.

On the server though, the workflow only executes, but doesn’t show any pages (just “workflow finished”)

Thank you,

That is unfortunately a known bug in 4.6.2
We are releasing a fix for this already this week.

(Please open new topics over reawaking old ones. Than we can see this more easily.)