Online Course: [L4-BD] Introduction to Big Data

Course Focus

This course focuses on how to use KNIME Analytics Platform for in-database processing and writing/loading data into a database. Get an introduction to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and learn how to write/load data into your big data cluster running on premise or in the cloud on Amazon EMR, Azure HDInsight, Databricks Runtime or Google Dataproc. Learn about the KNIME Spark Executor, preprocessing with Spark, machine learning with Spark, and how to export data back into KNIME/your big data cluster.

This course lets you put everything you’ve learnt into practice in a hands-on session based on the use case: Eliminating missing values by predicting their values based on other attributes.

This is a two-day instructor-led course. During the course there’ll be hands-on sessions based on real-world use cases.

Course Content

  • Session 1: Introduction to KNIME and the Database Extension
  • Session 2: Data Processing in a Traditional Database
  • Session 3: Working with Hadoop and Spark
  • Session 4: Machine Learning with Spark

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