Online Course: [L4-DV] Low Code Data Extraction and Visualization

Some of the common topics we see today with data processing are how to extract from exotic sources like websites, or how to use REST services, and what JSON is. Then once the data is extracted what is the best way to visualize that data in order to pitch or sell an idea? To answer these questions it is best to arm yourself with a small collection of low code data extraction and visualization tools.

In this course, we offer the chance to learn more about advanced data extraction techniques and advanced visualization including dashboards. Each day we will gently introduce a useful low code tool for data extraction as well as various visualizations. Our first session introduces the basics of creating simple dashboards, but by the end of day 4 you will know how to make interactive and refined user interfaces.

This is an instructor-led course consisting of four, 55-minute online sessions run by KNIME data scientists. Each session has an exercise for you to complete at home. The course concludes with a 15- to 30-minute wrap up session.

Course Content

  • Session 1: Data Collection via RESTful services with JSON and web scraping
  • Session 2: Data Visualization using our most recent and less common nodes
  • Session 3: Data Extraction via Regex for PDF and text-based projects
  • Session 4: Data Quality and Visualization Best Practices
  • Session 5: Wrap Up and Q&A

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