"Open in Python" from Community Nodes does nothing


I am looking into including Python scripts into my Knime workflows. The Python example workflow works fine except for the fact, that the "open in python" node does nothing other then producing the error:

ERROR     OpenInPythonNodeModel              Unsupported platform

I am on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit with Python 2.7. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong or is Linux indeed an unsupported platform?

I had a look into the code and it seems that the node is working with Windows and MacOS only. I don't know for which reason but I'll have a deeper look into that. I don't see why it should be a problem to support Linux.

Thank you for reporting this issue!

I'm using Win7 64-bit; Anaconda Python 2.7.8 64-bit.

Open in Python fails; config flow variables dialogue empty & fails with "Load model setting failed. Could not unpersist template".




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