Open in R Node

Can somebody please explain how the "Open in R" node is supposed to work?

I have Rserve started and the R-Scripting Snippets run OK. Now if I run the node, absolutely nothing happens.

Is R supposed to come to the front? Should I look for a new variable in my R workspace? (There is none)

I must say that the R-Scripting nodes look as they might have huge potential, but without even  rudimentary documentation and a few examples, it's difficult to utilize them even for longtime KNIME and R users...

Thanks Sebastian


KNIME 2.3, OpenSUSE Linunx 11.2, 64bit, R2.10.1

Hi Sebastian

The documentation is poor indeed. We plan to at least include minimal documentation for the next release.

Did you check the "Locaiton of R on your computer" in KNIME > Preferences R-Scripting?

I think this might be a good place to start. Let me know if it still should not work.



Hi Felix, Sebastian.

I am having the same problem. I would like to visualize something in R, but when I use the OpenInR node, it just opens the RGui, and that's it. It stops there.

Is this what's supposed to happen, because I thought your scripts was supposed to run in R and show the output.

Greetings Kris

Hi guys,

this node won't execute any script you put into the node. I will only open the RGui containing the variable kIn (as it comes from Knime as input to the node). Now it's your turn to prototype an R-script or run R-code from a snippet (copy / paste is your friend).

Is that of any help for you?


aha, I see.

That's indeed pretty handy to know. Perhaps there should be a bit more documentation considering these nodes.

But if it just inserts kIn into the RGui, then why are there OpenInR templates?

Because what I was trying to do is using the rgl package in knime, to have 3D visualisation. But since the output of the R plot is an image and the output of the R Snippet is a datatable, I thought the OpenInR would do that, but i suppose it just won't work then.


We know, that we have to improve documentation.

OpenInR just provides you the possibilty to import a Knime table into R (the same way as an RSnippet oder RPlot would do). (So you don't need to use a CSVwriter and think about file location). It's good for prototyping R-scripts or to search for syntax errors in an RPlot- or RSnippet node.

Whatever you do with this data in R is up to you (you can run your rgl plots there if you like).