Open Layout Editor for a Shared Component

How do you change the configuration layout for a component that has already been shared, using Modern UI?

Currently, I drop the shared component onto a workflow, disconnect it, make the layout changes, then overwrite the original. There must be an eaisier way, right?

Hey @rrousselot,

Currently, I believe the only way to update a shared component is through manually overwriting it like you say.

You can find more info on component sharing in the documentation below:

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I think in the classic UI, if you opened the component directly in KNIME from the explorer, you had access to the layout options, and you could then re-save it without doing all the disconnect/reshare dance

but this option isn’t available in modern UI, so I guess at the moment one option would be to switch back to Classic UI for this purpose.


Thank you for the information. I guess KNIME needs to add that funtionality to the Modern UI in the future because manually overwriting works but it is a pain to recreate all the meta data for the component.

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Hi @rrousselot , what meta data are you losing? I’ve not spotted that problem.

I know one thing I find a pain about Modern UI is that having disconnected the component, it doesn’t “remember” where it was on the Hub when I go to re-share it. In classic UI it shares it back to the same place it originated, but in Modern UI you have to navigate back to the required folder or else it will save it in the wrong place.

edit: I know a component certainly does lose its metadata as far as KNIME 4.x is concerned, if it is saved using KNIME 5.2 and then opened in KNIME 4.7, which is a bit of a pain.

I’ve got a number of components which are perfectly compatible with KNIME 4.x, and annoyingly if I do a bug fix, and accidentally edit them in 5.2, and re-share, when I go to use them again in 4.x, description and icons have all disappeared. That can be time-consuming to put right again, and I’ve been caught out several times by this.

I could do with some kind of warning that I’m about to overwrite a 4.x component with a 5.x component!


I mean that the data in the descriptions, icons and links. So, I have to recreate that every time.

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Hello, I have created a corresponding ticket (NXT-2633) to allow editing the layout of a shared component in Modern UI as well.