Open the browser in knime

Hello, I want to show that table after my data is put in the database. I came to the browser, I used node table view javascript, but when it is executed, the browser page does not open to show me the information of that table, what should I do?

Hi @alimly13 -

After executing the node, did you check its View? You can mouseover the node and click the magnifying glass, or right-click the node and open it that way.


When I start the loop end node, all the nodes do their work correctly and the javascript view node also shows me the created table as you can see in the picture, I just want it to be the output table after all the nodes Open a browser and show me that table there, what should I do?

This is the javascript view settings and this option that asks for the path is disabled, what should I do to enable this option that asks for the browser path? If this is activated, I will give the path of the browser, probably my problem will be solved

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