Open web page in default browser and pass a csv file written by CSVWriter Node

I am new to KNIME.

I am trying to visualize the results of CSVWriter Node using D3.js. How do I open the html file in the default browser and pass the location of csv file written to it?

I know this is done using Selenium Nodes but how?

This will be a parameterized Metanode, so the location has to be arbitrary and needs to be passed to the browser.

Thanks in advance!


have a look at the KNIME JavaScript nodes, they are dedicated for visualization.


I would want to visualize it in browser itself. I just want a way to trigger a new tab launch and pass the URL and csv file location to the web page.

Is there any way to do that?

Hi Medha,

I haven't tried it and admittedly it's no the primary use case of the Selenium Nodes, but you might try the following path: Open the page for visualization using the "Start WebDriver" node (Selenium workflows need to launch the browser instance, it is not possible to connect to an already running browser instance) and pass the data which you want to visualize using an "Execute JavaScript" node to some JavaScript function.

As I said, I have no experience in this direction, so this is just theory. Please let me know whether it worked.