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Can someone tell me, as an absolute KNIME beginner, how to get access to the very first “Open workflow” example, as I appear to have missed this page first time around. Specific detail [i.e. actual keystrokes] appreciated as I have no idea how to use this package and have wasted considerable time attempting to find the very first work flow example mentioned in the notes.

Many thanks

Anthony Dean

Hi @dean1962 and welcome to the forum.

Sorry for the frustration. When you refer to the “notes” are you talking about one of the L1 courses, or something else? There is this page from the L1-DS slides that you may be referring to:

Generally, you can search for workflows on the Hub by their title. So if you type “String Manipulation, Math Formula, and Rule Engine Example” into the Hub search bar it should direct you here:

The page looks a little different from what’s shown in the slide, since we have updated the Hub. But to download the workflow, click on the cloud icon on the top right:

If you are referring to a different workflow, let me know and I can help you find it.


Hi ScottF
Many thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated as I am struggling to “get into” this platform at the moment! I have NOT been using the “L1 courses” but have attempted to use the “KNIME Quickstart Guide” [which looks abbreviated?] which mentions a data file called “IrisDataSet” which I cannot find - so the whole of this guide is useless unless I can load this datafile into the workflow (?).
Any advice on how to use the simplest examples would be appreciated, together with any advice as to WHERE these simple starting examples are would be very welcome!
I have printed out the “KINIME Cheat Sheets” which are printed so small they are unreadable. I have also printed out another much longer “KNIME Quickstart Guide” which I have not attempted to read yet, as well as the “KNIME Workbench Guide” [all 43 pages].

Any advice as to where to start to find introductory training material which gives simple introductory examples from data files that actually exist, and are easily accessible, would be greatly appreciated. If you have any other suggestions as to what other beginners training materials I should acquire would also be greatly valued.

Sorry to appear a bit dim, but I have never used this type of software before, and I am attempting to train myself up on data mining and analytics platforms to enhance my career prospects and as part of my chemistry degree.



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Hello @dean1962,

starting workflow examples can be found in KNIME Explorer:


Iris data set is pretty famous data set (see here for more on it: and is part of many workflows. The one you need depends on the reader node you are using in specific workflow. (Probably you have some older workflow where it wasn’t part of it.)

The page to start learning KNIME is following: There you have all available materials, info and links to learn more about KNIME.

Also check this forum topic for more info: How to learn KNIME online - fast

Welcome to Community and hope this helps!



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