OpenAI Embeddings Connector/ text-embedding-3-small


I am using the OpenAI Embeddings Connector, however, there is no text-embedding-3-small in the Specific Model ID field. What should I do if I want to use text-embedding-3-small as embedding?

The same problem in other LLM nodes is that they are using a drop-down manual to select LLM models or embedding models, what should I do if I want to use a new model that is not available in the drop-down manual?

Hello @anguslou,

judging from the models listed in your screenshot, it looks like you are using an OpenAI API provider other than the public OpenAI API (configured via the advanced OpenAI base URL parameter in the OpenAI Authenticator) which does not provide the model you are looking for. You will have to ask the provider of that API to add the models you are looking for or switch to the public OpenAI API where at least the text-embedding-3-small is available.

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