OpenBabel Conversion Problem


I am having trouble with the OpenBabel node. When I read in a csv file with smiles and strip the salts using -r in the optional parameters it writes out the new smiles with the row id attached to the end of the string. 


Input :


		<p>Output :&nbsp;</p>

		<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width:1343pt">
					<td style="height:15.0pt; width:1343pt">NCc1ncc(c(c1)C)Br Row3</td>

		<p>&nbsp;How can I prevent this? I tried writing out to many formats.</p>



Hello Carl,

sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this problem.
When using the OpenBabel node as you described (from smi to smi, optional paramter "-r") I get "NCc1ncc(c(c1)C)Br".

Can you provide a workflow with a small example file where this problem occurs?