Opening links in email and download

Many of the data sources I have are emailed to me (no API available) and I have to go into multiple emails to either save the attachment to an input folder created specifically for that ETL function, or click a link that downloads automatically to my download folder, then i have to move to the input folder. Is that a process that can be automated?

I’ve connected to the email connector (labs) and email reader (labs) nodes and have a list of emails and download table

question 1 (this is probably simple) - how do i open the actual attachment to pass through the workflow? I’m sure it’s something where I look for a file extension match then somehow use a reader node to interact?

question 2 - Is there a way to click on a link to download the file? A few of the reports that are emailed to me don’t contain the actual download, but a link that when I click it, the file goes to my downloads folder - i’m hoping there’s a way to download and save in a specific folder? below is an example image

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Hi @ebarr,

Not an expert in these nodes but already nice to see they exists :slight_smile:

For 1. you might be looking for the binary conversion nodes e.g.


thank you - worked! pushed attachments to file

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