openms no longer available

we are using Knime with Docker and we are currently not able to use dockerfile not more than 1 month old,
because specific version of openms extension that we used ( is no longer available to download.

Is this something that will happen regularly? Older versions no longer available? Or is this one an exception?

Thanks for the response

Hi Martin,

it depends. I need some more info to answer it correctly.

  1. What do you mean with “KNIME with Docker”? I would have assumed that you used Docker to fix a container to a certain version of everything that is installed. (If not, have a look at the KNIME Docker exporter
  2. What update site do you use? If you have nightly/trunk or experimental update sites, we can not guarantee long-term availability. But if it’s from the official Community Contributions 3.5 update site, we try to support one plugin per OpenMS release per active KNIME version (usually the latest two). IF there are any updates to the released OpenMS plugin they are urgent bugfixes and should be upgraded.


BTW: I assume you are using a nightly/trunk update site. The current problem is just that we changed our versioning system. As soon as we release (e.g. 2.3.0) we increase the nightlies to the next version and declare it “alpha” state. This is what you saw. You will get 2.4.0 nightlies until we release it on the official update site.

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Hi Julianus,

yes, we made our own dockerfile with fixed version of open ms extension

for update sites we use both:

this one must have come from trunk then.
thanks for explaining the background.

but does it mean that even if we use only trusted update site, eg. in 5 years there will be no way to download openms extension that is current now?

We definitely try to support release versions as long as possible and 5 years should definitely be doable. Definitely get rid of the unstable trunk update site in there.

But: Why don’t you save the Docker container instead of just the descriptions in the Dockerfile? Then you do not have to re-download things but you will have your own copy of KNIME and the plugin in the container as long as you can store it yourself. I also don’t know how long KNIME will store their old installers.


yes sure we have saved docker images,
it’s just that right now we still make a lot of changes to the dockerfiles and wanted to change something unrelated to knime extensions and then the build failed because of this:)

but i believe it won’t be a problem anymore if we use only trusted versions.

thanks again

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